Paul Dent

“Plan to be aspirational, for both of you” Paul has an extensive training, learning and facilitative background, working in many market segments at all…

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Melanie Lilley

“The first negotiation is with oneself.” Melanie Lilley is a negotiation and influencing strategist and an accredited coach. Melanie brings an additional dimension to…

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Tony Monaghan

“Negotiation presumes conflict, that creates tension inside us, and between us. People are motivated by their needs, not yours. How you perceive conflict, and frame it in…

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Kelvin Ng

Kelvin Ng had worked in the capacity of learning and organisation development for over 20 years across several different industries including property development, construction,…

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Gary Oakley

“Most of the highly effective negotiation skills are counter-intuitive, fortunately they can easily be learned” Gary is an international influencing and negotiation strategy consultant…

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Eduardo Saleh

“Good negotiations solve your problems and make the world a better place to live in” Eduardo is a recognized negotiation and human resources consultant,…

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