A sophisticated approach to negotiation

Founded in 1978, ENS was established with the core belief that the world would be a better place if everyone negotiated with the right mindset.
An understanding of human psychology and an effective negotiation process framework could change the way people view negotiations and the way they do business. They could achieve more than they thought possible.

Archive photo from ENS training
ENS logo 1978

Effective Negotiation Services was founded in Australia by Michael Hudson and Leo Hawkins.

ENS delivered its first workshop for the Australian Society of Accountants.  

Archive photo from ENS training

Effective Negotiation Services delivers its first public workshop in Hong Kong. 

Negotiation & Influencing workshops were also delivered in various locations in Australia and Asia.

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Effective Negotiation Services, now commonly known as ‘ENS’, expanded to the European and North American market, providing training & materials available in 10 languages.

The famous ‘Green ENS Manual’ is launched.

Global leader
ENS logo 1990

ENS International becomes the global leader in Negotiation & Influencing training & strategic consulting globally with 60+ negotiation strategists located around the world.

ENS logo 2000

ENS launches Negotium, an insight into real live global negotiations through the ENS lense.

40 year anniversary
ENS logo 2018

ENS celebrates 40 years by holding a Negotiation and Influencing summit attended by global negotiation strategists and clients.

Virtual delivery
Virtual delivery training

ENS expands the delivery of its training virtually of both training and consulting, allowing clients to access ENS methodology from anywhere.

ENS logo 2020

ENS International is acquired by EdventureCo, and the co-founder Michael Hudson retires.

Knowledge Hub
Knowledge Hub

ENS launches its Digital Knowledge Hub, providing online tools and digital materials to our clients.

Masterclass Series & SOCIAL STYLE® program

ENS expands its training offering with the launch of its Masterclasses (4-hour fast paced virtual workshops) and its SOCIAL STYLE® training program (based on the science of productive relationships).

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Transforming mindsets for better negotiation outcomes


Public Courses

ENS public courses contain dynamic content delivered through active and agile programs. Designed by sophisticated negotiators, they are based on actual industry experiences and proven methodologies. These courses are held in small groups for individuals who want to grow their career and transform the way they negotiate. You will gain insights on the workings of the human mind and enhance your negotiation outcomes.


Consulting + Coaching

ENS negotiation experts are your secret weapons. They give clients an edge on the negotiating table. The wisdom they have gained from years of experience in various industries has proven invaluable in finding mutually beneficial solutions. They provide coaching and consulting at any stage of your negotiation to achieve desired outcomes while maintaining business relationships. 


In-Company Training

ENS in-company trainings are designed specifically for your teams, enabling you to transform your people through negotiation and influencing. You can address the needs of your business and push it further towards success. The ENS network of negotiation experts tailors content that empowers your employees with communication, leadership and negotiation skills. All trainings are customised to the needs of clients and can be conducted both remotely and face to face. 


Digital Knowledge Hub

The ENS Digital Knowledge Hub is the go-to site for individuals, organisations and industry experts looking for tools and resources on negotiation. It holds a veritable wealth of information on process frameworks, negotiation psychology, neuroscience and other areas relevant to creating effective strategies for successful negotiations. 

ENS Awards

Creating a portfolio budgeting in a real time planning and phasing.

Get an utilized of structure to tackle.

A higher spacing and movements through an impactful email campaigns.

Schott AG

Director Global Key Accounts Pharmaceutical Systems

I am a repeat offender. After having experienced in my previous company how much value we could generate from the ENS negotiation training, I am now leveraging ENS to drive change within SCHOTT Pharmaceutical Systems by developing a stronger internal and external influencing and negotiation culture. ENS programs are top notch, both in content and delivery. It is rare training that produces impactful and lasting effects.

Bertrand Jannon
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Wittur Group

HRBP Corporate Purchasing

Together with the Wittur Purchasing team, I've recently attended and enjoyed ENS “Negotiation and Influencing" workshop. Through interesting, intense and interactive sessions, we have learned useful tips and techniques for designing, preparing and delivering effective negotiations. The workshop was a mix of theory and hands-on practical learning. The trainer proved to be a real added value with his professionalism and ability to get everyone involved. ENS perfectly understood the challenges our organisation was facing and tailored a workshop to our needs and to ensure delivery of the particular targeted outcomes we wanted.

Tommaso Sala
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Head of Marketing & Product Management Serum Work Area

The ENS training was filled with 100% practical relevance, delivered through catchy concepts. It was easily comprehensible and directly applicable after the first training session. The highly practical content in the training allows for this direct application in your work life. Our sympathetic trainer brought with him a lot of relevant and practical experience to enhance our learning.

Ines Sauer
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Executive Director Global Learning & Development

By collaborating with ENS, a consulting organization with strong negotiation framework, techniques and methodologies, Global L&D team is able to develop our global future leaders' capability in effective persuasion and negotiation, help them to be more effective at work.

LEE Hwang Jann
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