Improve relationships, communication and influence

SOCIAL STYLE® is the science of productive relationships: understanding SOCIAL STYLE helps you modify your behaviour to become more Versatile and effective when working with others.

SOCIAL STYLE has been used by millions of individuals to improve performance.  With multi-rater and self-perception assessments available in more than 20 languages, it’s the preferred interpersonal skills choice for businesses around the world. 

Research proves that SOCIAL STYLE training is effective: the need to increase your interpersonal skills with the people you work with and for effective communicators in the workplace is essential.

SOCIAL STYLE Assessment and Training course

The SOCIAL STYLE Assessment measures Versatility so people can understand their strengths and weaknesses when working with others. SOCIAL STYLE training teaches you specific techniques to improve Versatility with people of each Style.

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Assessment & Profile report

SOCIAL STYLE is used by thousands of organisations around the world. Small businesses, Fortune 500 companies and leading academic institutions have made SOCIAL STYLE the world's most effective interpersonal skills model. It is easy to Learn, Teach, Remember and Apply.


Course Delivery


The SOCIAL STYLE Profile is available in either a Self-Perception version or the powerful Multi-Rater version. The Multi-Rater version addresses our self-perception bias and exposes areas where others see us differently than we see ourselves. Learners answer questions about themselves and invite others to provide feedback. The Profile includes powerful Versatility strategies about how to improve their interactions with others.

Learning Outcomes

Multi-rater and self-perception assessments identify behavioural strengths and weaknesses, providing a foundation for learning.

This online assessment supports you to overcome the Self-Perception Bias. Style is integrated into Versatility to provide actionable insights for people who work side-by-side or virtually.





Sample SOCIAL STYLE Profile Assessment


Easy to Learn, Remember and Apply.


Course Delivery

Virtual or face-to-face.

All our training packages include:

  • SOCIAL STYLE profile,
  • training materials,
  • access to online resources and tools.



1 day.


Learning Outcomes


92% of participants develop more positive relationships.

With the SOCIAL STYLE training, you will learn how to profile other people, so you can predict their behaviour and then know exactly what to do to make the relationship more mutually productive.

Our highly engaging program covers the impact behaviourial differences have on relationships while prioritising skill development through the use of interactive exercises. It is designed to improve interpersonal effectiveness in the workplace: it will help you understand how to incorporate your personal way of thinking and acting with the preferences of your peers.

  • Discover the four patterns of behaviour we call SOCIAL STYLE
  • Learn how each Style prefers to communicate and interact
  • Learn about the four sources of Versatility
  • Recognise how others see your SOCIAL STYLE
  • Multi-Rater Assessment identifies your Versatility & blind spots
  • Practice identifying the Styles of others to begin applying Versatility
  • Participate in interactive exercises to apply the skills learned
  • Complete an action plan to increase your effectiveness
  • Gain access to application tools to use after the training




Read more about SOCIAL STYLE training here

SOCIAL STYLE® is a trademark of The TRACOM Group and is used with permission.

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Schott AG

Director Global Key Accounts Pharmaceutical Systems

I am a repeat offender. After having experienced in my previous company how much value we could generate from the ENS negotiation training, I am now leveraging ENS to drive change within SCHOTT Pharmaceutical Systems by developing a stronger internal and external influencing and negotiation culture. ENS programs are top notch, both in content and delivery. It is rare training that produces impactful and lasting effects.

Bertrand Jannon
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Wittur Group

HRBP Corporate Purchasing

Together with the Wittur Purchasing team, I've recently attended and enjoyed ENS “Negotiation and Influencing" workshop. Through interesting, intense and interactive sessions, we have learned useful tips and techniques for designing, preparing and delivering effective negotiations. The workshop was a mix of theory and hands-on practical learning. The trainer proved to be a real added value with his professionalism and ability to get everyone involved. ENS perfectly understood the challenges our organisation was facing and tailored a workshop to our needs and to ensure delivery of the particular targeted outcomes we wanted.

Tommaso Sala
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Head of Marketing & Product Management Serum Work Area

The ENS training was filled with 100% practical relevance, delivered through catchy concepts. It was easily comprehensible and directly applicable after the first training session. The highly practical content in the training allows for this direct application in your work life. Our sympathetic trainer brought with him a lot of relevant and practical experience to enhance our learning.

Ines Sauer
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Executive Director Global Learning & Development

By collaborating with ENS, a consulting organization with strong negotiation framework, techniques and methodologies, Global L&D team is able to develop our global future leaders' capability in effective persuasion and negotiation, help them to be more effective at work.

LEE Hwang Jann
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