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ENS Negotiation Skills Consulting

High stakes negotiation strategy or complex negotiation preparation

Consulting, mentoring and coaching at any stage of a negotiation to help you gain the competitive edge.

When the stakes are high and the environment complex, thorough preparation is a must. If you’ve been trained in the ENS methodology, you know that our sophisticated, rigorous approach enables you to take control of the situation and drive towards the outcome you need.

But when you face high-stake negotiation situations, where a lot is on the table, you might need a negotiation consultant to guide you through this process, assisting in the formulation of effective strategies and strengthening your negotiating position for optimum  outcomes.


Are you leaving money on the table?
In complex negotiation situations, gain the edge in your preparation with our negotiation strategists on your team.

Whether you are negotiating a project outcome or influencing an internal change process, we offer our experience to support and guide your team in world class negotiation and influencing approaches. Having an ENS negotiation strategist available to strategise, observe, coach and mentor your team through implementation is invaluable.

Read ENS Negotiation Consulting eBook and discover how ENS consulting has helped a client to untangle a multimillion crisis:

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Strategic Preparation for Negotiation

‘What we’re doing is helping them structure their thinking, a bit like putting a jigsaw puzzle together.’ – ENS Negotiation Consultant

Our team of negotiation and influencing consultants will give you an impartial and unbiased view of the situation, helping you with the following:

  • Invest in preparation: what will it cost you if you settle for-sub-optimal?
  • Align on outcome: uncover and resolve differences within your team
  • Understand the Other Party: uncover their needs
  • Identify opportunities and assign roles: plan what will be said and by whom
  • Fine-tune the details: don’t leave things to chance and feel confident
  • Stay the course: don’t let pressure deviate you from your initial plan.
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In-Company Negotiation Expert

The first thing I discovered after two days in their offices was that there are eight people, and all eight people had a completely different idea of what the outcome should be. So we spent a day just on outcome, until we had absolute clarity about what this team was trying to achieve.’ – ENS Negotiation Consultant

Have your own Negotiation Strategist on call to support your negotiations within your business, and influence change outcomes over an extended period.

Our retainers are flexible, allowing you to utilise world class experience and knowledge as your business requires. You may utilise your negotiation partner on projects as you see fit, to achieve the best negotiation and influencing outcomes possible.

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Bespoke Solutions

‘In every case, there are hidden needs, and decisions that get made under the waterline because it affects someone personally. Once you unlock that, the pathways just open up for you.’ – ENS Negotiation Consultant

If you have specific negotiation requirements ENS also offers bespoke solutions to suit your business. Together we can assess your needs regarding negotiation, influence, change, sales or procurement strategies, or leadership management, and will work with you to develop consulting services that will support your team to success. Just let us know what your negotiation challenges are, and we will work with you to achieve the outcomes you require.

With flexible consulting engagements, we can help you with the specific experience to best suit your requirements

The ENS difference

Some consultants focus on content, giving advice about the specifics of your challenge or negotiation. But consultants that tell you what to do risk missing the real problems, or recommending actions that can’t actually be implemented.

We take a different approach. While ENS negotiation strategists have extensive commercial experience, they know that you’re the expert on your business. Rather than dictating solutions, they will guide you through the negotiation process in a way that challenges you to find the answers. By asking the right questions, a negotiation strategist will prompt you to think about the issues in a different way, highlighting opportunities and insights that would otherwise be missed – and ultimately helping to achieve the outcome you desire.

When you engage an ENS negotiation consultant, we will carefully diagnose your needs and match you with someone who has the right experience and expertise for your assignment. We have experts across industries including: mining and resources, government, aged care, media, construction, banking, fast-moving, consumer goods, health services, packaging, commercial property, financial services, manufacturing, and logistics retail.

ENS consultants have an extensive experience in the following areas: business acquisition and divestment, profit centre management, procurement, mergers, industrial relations, HR, land disputes, business cluster projects, business growth strategy, change management, complex commercial transactions, industry restructures, dispute resolution, and enterprise bargaining.


Turning knowledge into outcomes is key to any investment in learning and our coaching approach supports your team to embed the ENS philosophies into your business.
We provide individual coaching tailoring sessions to gain outcomes specific to your business priorities.

Schott AG

Director Global Key Accounts Pharmaceutical Systems

I am a repeat offender. After having experienced in my previous company how much value we could generate from the ENS negotiation training, I am now leveraging ENS to drive change within SCHOTT Pharmaceutical Systems by developing a stronger internal and external influencing and negotiation culture. ENS programs are top notch, both in content and delivery. It is rare training that produces impactful and lasting effects.

Bertrand Jannon
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Wittur Group

HRBP Corporate Purchasing

Together with the Wittur Purchasing team, I've recently attended and enjoyed ENS “Negotiation and Influencing" workshop. Through interesting, intense and interactive sessions, we have learned useful tips and techniques for designing, preparing and delivering effective negotiations. The workshop was a mix of theory and hands-on practical learning. The trainer proved to be a real added value with his professionalism and ability to get everyone involved. ENS perfectly understood the challenges our organisation was facing and tailored a workshop to our needs and to ensure delivery of the particular targeted outcomes we wanted.

Tommaso Sala
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Head of Marketing & Product Management Serum Work Area

The ENS training was filled with 100% practical relevance, delivered through catchy concepts. It was easily comprehensible and directly applicable after the first training session. The highly practical content in the training allows for this direct application in your work life. Our sympathetic trainer brought with him a lot of relevant and practical experience to enhance our learning.

Ines Sauer
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Executive Director Global Learning & Development

By collaborating with ENS, a consulting organization with strong negotiation framework, techniques and methodologies, Global L&D team is able to develop our global future leaders' capability in effective persuasion and negotiation, help them to be more effective at work.

LEE Hwang Jann
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