Tony Monaghan

“Negotiation presumes conflict, that creates tension inside us, and between us. People are motivated by their needs, not yours. How you perceive conflict, and frame it in the context of mutual gain, can turn conflict into value.”

Tony Monaghan is an ENS Master Trainer, negotiation strategist, and is sought-after for workshop facilitation, consulting, and executive coaching. Tony draws on nearly forty years of experience to help people to be at their resourceful best: to follow a process, to face reality and act with confidence.



Tony has 15 years corporate background to Senior Management, 20 years as consultant and registered psychologist. He has worked across Asia Pacific, and in multiple industries. He lives a portfolio career, balancing expert, commercial learning, and development; with delivery for Beyond Blue (10 years, mental health awareness); and with therapy for trauma; and lately integration for psychedelic experience. Tony is a widely read, pragmatic, empathic consultant helping to build insight, skills and confidence, to get you what you want.


Specialist Focus

Tony’s primary industries are Retail (helping Buyers manage their negotiations), as well as Banking and Engineering, (helping technical specialists develop the interpersonal skills needed for negotiating, teamwork, and leadership).



BA in Psychology/Sociology
Grad Dip in Human Resources Mgt
Grad Dip in Applied Sport Psychology
Accredited The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP)
Certificate in Psychedelic Assisted Therapies (CPAT)

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