People & Teams

Carrie Gallant

“No economic skill has as much riding on it as does negotiation” Professor Leigh Thompson, Kellogg School of Management Northwestern University  Carrie Gallant is a well-established ENS influencing and…

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Paul Dent

“Plan to be aspirational, for both of you” Paul has an extensive training, learning and facilitative background, working in many market segments at all…

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Mike Greenwood

“Negotiation can be viewed as a game. It’s important to know the ‘rules’ you are playing by and who exactly you are playing with,…

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Heino Hovingh

“Negotiations often end up with winners on both sides” Heino has assisted many renowned companies to achieve better sales and negotiation results. The improvement…

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Thomas Liu

“If you can influence, you can lead and manage to a much better outcome.” Thomas Liu is an organisational development consultant with over 20…

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