Complex Commercial Transactions

Tony Monaghan

“Negotiation presumes conflict, that creates tension inside us, and between us. People are motivated by their needs, not yours. How you perceive conflict, and frame it in…

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Gary Oakley

“Most of the highly effective negotiation skills are counter-intuitive, fortunately they can easily be learned” Gary is an international influencing and negotiation strategy consultant…

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Geoff Powell

“Good use of process builds personal confidence” Geoff has a solid history of negotiation influencing in corporate life. Over time he has operated extensively…

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Ronnie Sabnani

“Every Interaction presents an Opportunity to Understand, Influence and Effectively Communicate for Mutual Outcomes.” Through different solutions, Ronnie’s focus has always been on helping…

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Eduardo Saleh

“Good negotiations solve your problems and make the world a better place to live in” Eduardo is a recognized negotiation and human resources consultant,…

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Jacobus (Sjaak) van Vliet

“83.7 % is preparation” Sjaak is a Negotiation Strategist and Master Trainer with ENS. A biologist by profession the majority of his clients are…

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Paul Taberner

“To negotiate better outcomes the ‘ABC’ of knowing what people want is Always Be Curious.” Paul Taberner has a strong, varied background in negotiation…

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Philip Wade

“No matter what challenge or impasse we face in negotiation, there is always a way forward” Philip Wade is a Negotiation + Influencing strategist…

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Miguel Yanez

“Conscious use of time, place and mood to implement the best style choice to achieve the desired outcome when negotiating a new contract with…

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