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October 29 - 9:00 am - October 30 - 12:30 pm

Easy to Learn, Remember and Apply: 92% of participants develop more positive relationships.


With the SOCIAL STYLE® training, you will learn how to profile other people, so you can predict their behaviour and then know exactly what to do to make the relationship more mutually productive.

Our highly engaging program covers the impact behaviourial differences have on relationships while prioritising skill development through the use of interactive exercises. It is designed to improve interpersonal effectiveness in the workplace: it will help you understand how to incorporate your personal way of thinking and acting with the preferences of your peers.


  • Discover the four patterns of behaviour we call SOCIAL STYLE
  • Learn how each Style prefers to communicate and interact
  • Learn about the four sources of Versatility
  • Recognise how others see your SOCIAL STYLE
  • Multi-Rater Assessment identifies your Versatility & blind spots
  • Practice identifying the Styles of others to begin applying Versatility
  • Participate in interactive exercises to apply the skills learned
  • Complete an action plan to increase your effectiveness
  • Gain access to application tools to use after the training

All our training packages include:

  • SOCIAL STYLE profile,
  • training materials,
  • access to online resources and tools.


Prerequisites: None

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