Jordi van Berkum

“Main goal in B2B negotiation is to create sustainable relationships based on common ground!”

Jordi has a passion in the strategic approach of customers with the goal to achieve the desired outcome. A successful negotiation process is focused on creating sustainable relationships and to find common ground.

Essential for negotiation success is being able to position yourself in the situation of the other person and being able to look behind their eyes, what are they thinking. Only then you can choose the strategy and tactics leading to a successful negotiation.

With his experience, passion, enthusiasm, and drive to help others in their personal development towards commercial success, he creates a very energetic, fun, and trusted environment in which all participants can learn in their own learning style and pace.


Jordi has more than 26 years’ experience in sales, marketing, and commercial leadership at major companies like Xerox, Tech Data and Clariant which are active in different industries. He has coached his team in and directly led many negotiations in Europe and Middle East and Africa. He has experienced and learned to understand the impact of different cultures on the negotiation process.
Based on this experience his main strengths is the flexibility to adapt to the business and cultural environment of the other person.

Specialist Focus

As an ENS Consultant, Jordi focuses very much on the individual experiences and learning needs, next to the group dynamic. He will support commercial professionals to grow their competence, skills, and confidence to become ready for each negotiation situations on their personal road to commercial success.



Degree in Commercial Economics (University of Utrecht – Netherlands) and Business Economic (University of Rotterdam – Netherlands)
International Sales and Marketing Management in Europe and MEA
Specialized in Change Management and Go-to-Market strategies (Lean Six Sigma)
Accredited consultant for the Leone Resource Group – Sales Funnel®
Accredited consultant for ENS

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