Johan van Veen

“We will help you succeed!”

Johan van Veen is a negotiation strategist, coach and facilitator. Working on all continents he brings 30+ years of experience in different markets and negotiation environments (sales, procurement, HR, executive management, etc…)

This 30+ years’ experience in international complex organisations helps him understand your challenges. He energises his participants to think broader and more creatively, thus finding better solutions to their negotiations.


During a 12-year period Johan worked for American multinationals in sales, local and European sales-management and product management positions in the Biotech-Pharma industry. He was located in several countries. During these phases, he led his teams to success.


Specialist Focus

In 1996 Johan founded van Veen International GmbH, a global network of negotiation practitioners, who are helping our customers improve their bottom line by focusing at the top. We work closely together with our customers to understand what they want to fix, avoid or accomplish. Together we mutually develop strong working solutions.



Biology and Biotechnology in Antwerp, Belgium

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