Johan Boersma

“People do things for their reason, not yours! ”

Johan has a passion to help others improve their personal effectiveness. He believes that personal development will help to build self confidence, leading to better results and more fun!

High energy, humor and his challenging approach are clearly some of Johan’s strengths. Always open for discussion, reflecting, triggering …always aiming to get the maximum out of people.

Style flexibility, a varied way of using tools and techniques, speed and creativity, makes working with Johan a really powerful experience for the participants.



Johan has led many negotiations with many large and small companies. He has more than 27 years of commercial experience at major companies like Coca-Cola Enterprises, JDE | Jacobs Douwe Egberts Professional and Sodexo.

As sales director Johan was leading his sales teams in many channels like retail, foodservice, large accounts, (Government) institutions and small & medium enterprises. He knows from his own experience how sales and negotiation are closely linked and this is helping to leverage both.

His broad experience is of high value for all participants as he can clearly empathize with them. Satisfaction rates are consequently very high as participants acknowledge the added value of Johan’s experience in business.

Specialist Focus

As an ENS Consultant, Johan focuses very much on supporting commercial professionals to growth, to become more effective negotiators and sales professionals. Improve awareness, competences and skills aiming for high impact in their daily work.


Johan has a MBA degree (Erasmus University Rotterdam – Netherlands) and is certified Sales Funnel (Ray Leone) sales consultant.

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