Jacobus (Sjaak) van Vliet

“83.7 % is preparation”

Sjaak is a Negotiation Strategist and Master Trainer with ENS. A biologist by profession the majority of his clients are in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. He has a special focus on preparing negotiation teams for business development and reimbursement negotiations.

Prior to joining ENS in 1995 he started his career as a Scientist with the GTZ in the Ivory Coast, spent 10 years as Intercultural Management Trainer and as Business Development Manager Asia & Pacific with an international NGO and 5 years as a Managing Director of a HR Consultancy based in Berlin. He was Adjunct Professor for Negotiation Skills with the University of Potsdam and is Faculty Member of the Pharma Licensing Group Germany.

Sjaak is a keen writer and has authored articles which appeared in journals such as “Capital”, “Controller Magazin and “Personal”.


Specialist Focus

In Berlin he offers Open Courses where delegates from sectors as diverse as the automobile industry, retail, pharmaceuticals, building & construction, information technology, the new economy, engineering, politics and non-profit-making organisations share their negotiation experiences which brings his clients great value and new approaches.

Master in Environmental Management

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