Robert Jenkins

“Under pressure… Learn to Respond rather than React”

Robert has worked with ENS for over 30 years facilitating workshops across Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Africa and Qatar. His interactive and dynamic workshops are focused on helping clients progress to their desired outcomes. In addition to these capability and confidence development workshops, he offers ongoing partnerships in a consulting capacity to assist clients in complex scenarios.



Robert’s client experience span major corporations in Oil and Gas, Mining and Resources, Health, Telecommunications and also the Public Sector. He has a background in Psychology and Business and has held various roles within education, organisational restructure and executive development.


Specialist Focus

Robert encourages participants and companies to recognise that negotiation involves the dual tasks of striving to achieve and a need to learn more about how the counterpart sees the world. He believes our own biases and misjudgments can be a liability however like short-sightedness, can be corrected with an improved lens of understanding.



Bachelor of Arts (Hons)

Diploma of Education

Post graduate Diploma in Business

Open Project

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