Edwina Swan

“Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” Sun Tzu – Art of War

Edwina Swan is a Negotiation and Influencing strategist enhancing skill and behaviours of individuals and teams. Consulting and coaching tightly targets best outcomes for clients. Her focus is on design relevancy ensuring maximum impact for targeted goals.



Edwina brings over 30 years corporate, public sector and NGO experience to her practice. She works across diverse verticals including: sales and procurement, financial services, communication services and business development.

Edwina designs & actions highly successful sales and client acquisition campaigns, establishing sustainable interventions that are lasting and impactful for clients. Actively influencing and negotiating high value interventions gives a practical and relatable characterisation to Edwina’s work. Enhancing strengths, skills and further developing an individual and the team allows empowerment and confidence to grow and emerge. Results in performance follow. This is key expertise Edwina delivers to clients across industry, sector and region.


Specialist Focus

Edwina designs programs, coaching executives and professionals in Influencing and Negotiating, and managed capability development initiatives within Australia, across Europe, North & South America and Asia for top tier global clients. Smaller bespoke interventions, developing and aligning a team is as critical in optimising behaviours and outcomes. Specialist focus for Edwina is sales excellence and pricing systems, operational systems, supply chain capability, procurement / buying acumen and behavioural diagnosis and strategies. A key goal is helping a client achieve ongoing value success and efficiencies.

Edwina has extensive and practical experience across industries and sectors including: mining and resources, defence and national security, infrastructure, manufacturing, healthcare, pharmaceutical, financial services, technology and logistics, commonwealth and state government departments and agencies.



Bachelor of Arts – Sydney University

Post Graduate Diploma of Psychology

Neuroscience – Harvard University – current

Mastery of International Negotiation CPD Fully accredited international Negotiation Practitioner ENS

Sign Language: ASL and Auslan – current

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