ENS Questions & Answers – April 2022


“In the last blog article How your words support your influencing tactics I was missing some concrete advice to be better at controlling emotions. The article writer Andy Marko gives seven ‘Tips to better use words to support your influencing tactics’. However, I would be delighted to have an even more actionable set of advice”.


THE ANSWER by Andy Marko, ENS Negotiation Strategist:

The 7 tips offered in the article will help you be more self-aware and consequently, you will be able to use the appropriate words to support your style choice.

To make your plan even more actionable, you could keep a journal. The journal will allow you to track and trace progress in implementing the 7 tips.

My advice would be to keep the structure and to start with point 1 (think about your behaviour and the words you tend to use when under pressure).

For a period of 20 days, have the discipline to take note of the emotions, behaviours and words you have been experiencing and using in different stress situations.

Write everything down right after the event: do not judge, apologise or lie to yourself. Just record what happened and how.

After this 20 days, you will have some great data available that will help you to continue the implementation of my 7 tips.

I hope this advice adds some practicability to implement your style choice.




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