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Negotiation in an inflationary environment

Discover key insights to help you plan for negotiation success – which is more than just salary increase. Boost your business performance when the markets are rising and pricing feels like it’s out of your control with negotiation and influencing skills.

Negotiating in an inflationary environment is so much more than managing prices increases for your products and services. From negotiating supply chain costs and logistic challenges to managing salary expectations, inflation impacts every corner of your business. 

This challenging time requires an expert touch to protect the business as well as satisfy the needs of clients and employees. 

At ENS we believe that negotiation will give you the power to achieve more than you thought possible, even with inflationary pressures. Negotiation and Influencing are skills that mastered will open more doors. 

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Unwrap how to navigate inflation using expert skills, with a focus on negotiation and influence.

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What you will learn:

ENS Negotiation Strategist will reveal how the methodology the leading global organisations use for significant negotiations can help you achieve more than you thought.

The ENS concepts will put you on the path to negotiation excellence.

In this session, you will discover:

  • How negotiation and influencing skills can help you achieve your goals
  • How to boost your business performance
  • How to negotiate and renegotiate with suppliers that are blaming the inflation as the reason for price increase

The live webinar ends with a Q&A giving you the opportunity to ask our expert your questions.

Carrie Gallant ENS negotiation strategist

Your Expert

“No economic skill has as much riding on it as does negotiation.” 
Professor Leigh Thompson, Kellogg School of Management Northwestern University

Carrie Gallant is a well-established ENS influencing and negotiation strategist based in Vancouver, Canada. She has worked with clients on consulting and training assignments around the world. 

Read more about Carrie Gallant and her experience here.

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