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Transform the way you negotiate

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Drive profit, mitigate risk, navigate changes and disputes, resolve issues and grow your business?

We can support you with improving performance, team collaboration and effectiveness, and achieve mutually beneficial outcomes in every negotiation.

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Transform your approach to Negotiation and Influencing with practical tools and processes.


Join us for our Negotiation and Influencing Discovery session to unwrap the three skills which will help you achieve more than you thought possible.


Who should attend:

If you are interested in transforming the way you do business, enhancing your leadership approach through Negotiation and Influencing or improving interactions in your daily situations, this program is the key to achieving your goals.

Whether you need to grow your business and revenue, your people, your performance or career, our unique approach will give you the tools to achieve more than you thought possible.


What you will learn:

Negotiation Strategist Melanie Lilley reveals Negotiation and Influencing principles based on ENS methodology and introduces you to the concepts which will put you on the path to negotiation excellence.


During the session you will gain a quick peek into the methodology the leading global organisations use to prepare for significant negotiations including:


• A proven structure that guides your thinking prior, during preparing and after your negotiations

• Methods to enhance both your personal competence and confidence as a negotiator

• ENS tools to help you plan your financial and relationship  outcomes through every negotiation

The live webinar ends with a Q&A giving you the opportunity to ask our expert your questions.

Melanie Lilley ENS negotiation strategist

Your Expert

“The first negotiation is with oneself”

As an accredited strategist Melanie brings an additional dimension to Negotiation, Leadership and Communication training by drawing on her extensive research into up-to-the minute behavioural neuroscience. Having a deep understanding of individuals’ needs and behaviours enables her to bring about significant change through developing growth mindsets.

Read more about Melanie Lilley and her experience here.

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