EdventureCo acquires ENS International


EdventureCo is a vocational and professional education and training (VPET) platform established in Australia with an expanding presence in South East Asia. It comprises established and market leading businesses in blue collar and white collar VPET fields such as construction and IT, and has trained over 75,000 students in the past six years and more than 196,000 in the past 26 years, providing them with skills and qualifications to commence their careers, upskill or reskill. EdventureCo’s businesses are Everthought Education, DDLS, the Australian Institute of ICT and now, ENS International.

The acquisition of ENS International will further EdventureCo’s goal of equipping students with relevant skills in a fast-changing world. It will be highly complementary to DDLS and the Australian Institute of ICT, EdventureCo’s two market leading IT training providers, that address the skills shortages in the digital sector. The increasing demand for digital skills is balanced by an increasing value being placed on uniquely human traits such as emotional intelligence, creativity, persuasion and innovation. EdventureCo’s strategy is focused on addressing this demand.

We appreciate that under the expert guidance of Michael Hudson, and previously together with Leo Hawkins, ENS International has established a reputation as a trusted negotiation partner for some of the most successful organisations worldwide. Our goal through the next stage of the ENS International journey will be to respect the reputation and foundations of the business whilst looking forward to a successful and innovative future.

While we will see the end of an era as Michael Hudson transitions from the business, we know that ENS International has a focus on honesty, transparency, mutual respect and a common purpose. As we start this journey, ENS International will continue to focus on these values to build strong and respectful relationships with our global network and client community.

In 2021, ENS International is scheduled to facilitate training across the globe both virtually and face to face as we continue to support our clients in developing the vital negotiation and influencing skills needed to continue to thrive in the future.

The ENS International network look forward to supporting the development of your team and your business throughout 2021.

ENS Team
ENS Team

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