Are you leaving money on the table?

Negotiation when the stakes are high: are you leaving money on the table?
An expert’s paper on Negotiation Consulting

Negotiation is a constant in business life – but sometimes the stakes are especially high. You might find yourself navigating one of the biggest deals in your company’s history. Or you could be on the brink of a crisis that risks costing the business tens of millions of dollars.

The higher the stakes, the more complex the challenges. These negotiations are rarely a simple interaction between two parties. Instead, there tends to be many players with different agendas which require several simultaneous negotiations. Often, government is involved and the issues are steeped in public controversy. With so many moving parts, the potential for misunderstandings and errors is multiplied.

If you get it right, the rewards are enormous. But if you stumble, you risk leaving huge sums of money on the table, with the possibility of having to pay the price financially for years to come or burnt bridges for personal or business relationships or being mired in an intractable crisis.


How to use this e-book

This e-book is organised in two parts:

  • Part 1 examines the big-picture thinking that underpins a successful negotiation.
  • Part 2 explains how to build on this foundation by developing and implementing a detailed negotiation strategy.
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