Achieve more
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17x ROI
Return on investment reported by a client following the implementation of ENS framework into their organisation.

participants report they could immediately apply their learning following ENS course.

Transform the way you do business through Negotiation and Influencing

Accelerate business growth through a sophisticated and psychology-based approach to Negotiation and Influencing.

In this era of change, it is evident that negotiation skills are a major part of organisational transformation and business success.

The ENS unique and psychology-based methodology, delivered by the most skilled negotiators, gives people and business the tools to achieve more than they thought possible through our sophisticated active and experiential learning approach.

We offer a range of program formats, from assessment profile, public open workshops, in-company tailored training, to consulting & personal coaching – all face-to-face or virtually.

Who is ENS?

Since 1978 ENS has provided Negotiation Training and Consulting services to individuals to improve negotiation capabilities that direct change, re-invent business and significantly accelerate growth. 

We’ve empowered more than 60,000 participants through our negotiation and influencing services. Our experiential workshops deliver revealing insights based in psychology and neuroscience. 

The ENS Negotiation Process Frameworks, techniques and methodologies give you key insights into human behaviour and provide tools that will assist you in achieving enhanced business objectives

Discover how you can transform the way you negotiate with our active and unique methodology.

For more details about our unique approach and our programs, please fill the form below and we will be in contact.

Assessment Profile

Understand your current negotiation and influencing skills to enhance your self-awareness and get valuable insights that can significantly impact your negotiation strategies and outcomes.

Complete our Assessment Profile and overcome your areas of weaknesses and build on your identified strengths.

Public Training

Become an effective negotiator through our experiential and fast-paced programs, delivered to a group of like-minded individuals. 

Grow your career and transform your leadership skills through our Negotiation and Influencing training, with real-world scenarios.  

Company Training

Transform the way you do business by empowering your team. This in-company negotiation and influencing training is tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

The program is active and delivered by our network of expert negotiators in your offices or the venue of your choice. 


Our experienced Negotiation Strategists are your secret weapon when preparing for any negotiation.

We guide you to strengthen your negotiating position, support you to gain confidence at any stage of a negotiation and and deliver long-term success. Our virtual and face-to-face consulting approach enables our strategistto support you at every stage of your negotiation.


Expand your knowledge and build your experience through our digital Knowledge Hub.

Whether you an ENS alumni or new to negotiation, the ENS Knowledge Hub gives you tools and resources to transform your mindset and the way you negotiate. 

Schott AG

Director Global Key Accounts Pharmaceutical Systems

I am a repeat offender. After having experienced in my previous company how much value we could generate from the ENS negotiation training, I am now leveraging ENS to drive change within SCHOTT Pharmaceutical Systems by developing a stronger internal and external influencing and negotiation culture. ENS programs are top notch, both in content and delivery. It is rare training that produces impactful and lasting effects.

Bertrand Jannon
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Wittur Group

HRBP Corporate Purchasing

Together with the Wittur Purchasing team, I've recently attended and enjoyed ENS “Negotiation and Influencing" workshop. Through interesting, intense and interactive sessions, we have learned useful tips and techniques for designing, preparing and delivering effective negotiations. The workshop was a mix of theory and hands-on practical learning. The trainer proved to be a real added value with his professionalism and ability to get everyone involved. ENS perfectly understood the challenges our organisation was facing and tailored a workshop to our needs and to ensure delivery of the particular targeted outcomes we wanted.

Tommaso Sala
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Head of Marketing & Product Management Serum Work Area

The ENS training was filled with 100% practical relevance, delivered through catchy concepts. It was easily comprehensible and directly applicable after the first training session. The highly practical content in the training allows for this direct application in your work life. Our sympathetic trainer brought with him a lot of relevant and practical experience to enhance our learning.

Ines Sauer
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Executive Director Global Learning & Development

By collaborating with ENS, a consulting organization with strong negotiation framework, techniques and methodologies, Global L&D team is able to develop our global future leaders' capability in effective persuasion and negotiation, help them to be more effective at work.

LEE Hwang Jann
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